Welcome to Entrepreneur Transfer. We are serving to help you transfer your knowledge, mindset experience and passions into raw money making business ideas that will ultimately help you become a successful entrepreneur.

How can we help you?

First of all, we aren’t selling anything. Everything we say and provide is completely free.

Our website contains strictly beneficial, constructive and unique content that can help you become a successful entrepreneur using a range of methods. Although we may not ‘spoon feed’ you a step by step guide on how to make money, we certainly do offer ideas, key information, theories, educational material and motivation towards reaching your entrepreneurial dreams.

By using Entrepreneur Transfer, you are exposing yourself to exactly the kind of thing that gets you thinking creatively, innovatively and optimistically, whilst transferring your work ethic and mind set into one required to become an successful business person.

We aren’t saying it’s easy (it’s really not) – but if you are hard-working, committed, creative and willing to learn, you have come to the right place.

What’s will I find here?

Check out our website which is constantly being worked on and improved. You’ll find a range of sections including:

Idea Generation: Eureka! Here you’ll find a range of mind mapping ideas, tools, brain dumping,  problem solving, innovative learning and blogs that get you thinking. Is this where you’ll think of that killer business idea?

Start Ups: Grow, grow, grow! This is where you’ll find material designed to help you grow quickly and profitably. The ‘go-to’ place for those mid way through developing a business or idea – no matter what stage you’re at.

Quick Cash: Need some fast cash? Well we can’t promise anything, but the team at Entrepreneur Transfer definitely has experience in these types of ventures. Check out this area for ideas, tips, theories and techniques that could help earn you a quick buck.

Networking: Connect. Networking has always played a key role in all successful businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer advice and information through our blog posts that can help you improve your networking skills and channels – both online and in person.

Stock Trading: Entrepreneur Transfer’s take on Stocks and Shares. An extremely informative and easy to understand collection of information designed by our experts to help you learn the key information that any stock trader should know. Our raw, informative and easy to digest guide is something we’re quite proud of.


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